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Ji Chang Wook’s watch has never stopped. He has never run away from the variables in front of him and has kept running forward up until now, continuously emptying himself and replenishing without stopping.

Our lives are all full of variables. We can’t predict what might happen tomorrow and even the things that are happening today, we don’t know when a variable might suddenly appear. There is a fabricated world where these variables, which are difficult to predict, are controlled by (someone with) tremendous power. An ordinary unemployed man, who is trapped by the fabricated variables of that world, starts to fight. The movie ‘Fabricated City’, which is about to be released in February, is about an ordinary man who under a fabricated situation gets framed as a murderer and how he unravels the truth behind the case. Ji Chang Wook plays the role of ‘Kwon Yoo’, a leader who wins victory after victory in the gaming world, but who in reality, is an unemployed man addicted to gaming, tiding his meals over with cup ramen in the internet café.

For actors, all their past works could become a variable. Through ‘Donghae’ as a dashing youth and then as a weak emperor in ‘Empress Ki’, he became a strong hero in ‘Healer’. Then through ‘The K2’, acting as a mercenary turned bodyguard, he reached the peak of action acting. As he filled up his filmography with unexpected diversity, he became a star, receiving hot cheers from fans in Asia. The awkwardness from the label of ‘actor’ has passed; the experience of feeling lost and wondering if this road is the right one has now become energy for the present. Whenever he has a hard time, he gets the greatest strength from his mom and his friends (his pet dog is also a great source of support). Ji Chang Wook’s world is thus made up of diligently filling up those empty places with their comfort and support. And in that world, Ji Chang Wook is looking forward to a good life.

“Before I’m an actor, I’m a person. In the past I used to worry a lot over acting but my biggest worry now, as a person, is how I can live a happy life. As for the answer, I’m not sure. I still don’t know yet. I only know this. My happiness and unhappiness are determined by how my thoughts are.”

Today was the press conference for ‘Fabricated City’. As your first leading role in a movie you must have been nervous.
I was so nervous I couldn’t even sleep well last night. Above all, I was curious as to how the movie came out. There were quite a lot of comic book-like elements in the movie and there were scenes which did not come across clearly through the scenario text. I had to act according to my imagination and I want to see how those parts were implemented. There’s still some time before it is released. The CG has not been completed yet so I could not watch the final version. I’m even more curious because Director Park Kwang Hyun’s traits are so unique. The director was the reason why I decided to act in ‘Fabricated City’. Just reading the scenario I was not sure if I should choose this movie for my first leading role in film but I was persuaded after meeting the director and talking to him. I felt like if it was director Park Kwang Hyun, I would be able to do the first movie of my life in an exciting and fun way.

As an actor appearing in this movie, what kind of outcome would you consider as a success? 
Just being able to complete my first movie filming safely, as well as meeting all the actors and staff members during filming; I consider it a success. Of course it would be nice if it was a box office hit as well but that’s just a wish. It would feel really good if the audience chose (our movie) and it moves their hearts. It would be great if it did well but I don’t want to be too greedy.

It must be a big burden for Director Park Kwang Hyun as well, as his first movie after ‘Welcome to Dongmakgol’. Perhaps the burden you both felt created positive energy.
Wouldn’t the director’s burden be much bigger than mine? The director is a really meticulous person. He devoted a lot of effort in order to materialize whatever was in his head. He would keep going without letting it slide until a satisfactory cut of every scene was completed, so when he gives the ‘Okay’, it also creates trust in him. It was my first time filming a movie so there were a lot of things I didn’t know but I just trusted in the director and looking at the other actors and staff gave me comfort as well so I could relax.

“Action” is the keyword again this time. From ‘Healer’ until ‘The K2’, at some point the word “action” is filling up Ji Chang Wook’s filmography as a keyword.
I’m actually surprised by that fact too. I didn’t do it intentionally. I just went with the flow and picked a project according to the situation and when I was selected for the project, my filmography was built up like that so it seems that way. If anything, I would like to stop (doing action) now. There are a lot of other things I would like to show besides action. There’ll be other things that’s more fun for me. I think it’s fortunate that I did action acting to my heart’s content while my body was just a little more sound. (LOL) There’s a gratifying joy to doing action. It’s refreshingly fun and looks fancy and cool. In a way, action is like a romance (t/n: ideal) for me. I remember watching ‘Fist of Fury’ when I was a kid and following the moves.

The joy of watching action movies is also about that gratification.
I hope ‘Fabricated City’ could also let the audience experience that gratification. Ordinary people are the leads in this movie. A man who gives up his athletic life doing Taekwondo because of a misunderstanding and becomes unemployed. Together with the people around him, he fights the higher powers and overcomes the difficult situations. The process of how he seeks to find justice will be pleasantly unraveled. I hope the gratification that the protagonist feels will be delivered to the audience, as well as the hope that the world is still a place worth living in.

Come to think of it, you’ve never played a protagonist who’s completely cool and perfect. You’ve always done characters that have some kind of lack or pain.
Those kind of characters aren’t attractive. I don’t think there’s anyone that’s flawless. Not lacking in anything can also be a flaw. Whenever I play a character I think about what makes him a flawed person.

What are you lacking in as a person?
Well, at some point I seem to have become a person lacking in love. Whether it’s giving or receiving.

The past few years have passed by busily, without rest. You were also active in China.
I worked constantly. Whenever I was exhausted and depleted, I would recharge myself (in a continuous cycle). Whether it’s emotionally or physically. It was a fight between how much I recharged myself and how much I spent (of myself). Whenever I had periods of rest when I was younger, I thought I had a lot of time in my hands. But now that time is not enough, I want to use that time for myself. For example, in the past if my friend said “Come out, let’s go do this”, then even if I didn’t want to do it, I would follow because I had nothing else to do. Now, I take a little more initiative and suggest doing something first. Thankfully my friends follow well.

How are you replenishing your depleted self recently?
It was the yearend when ‘The K2’ finished filming so there were a lot of drinking parties. (LOL) I indulged in drinking for about 3 weeks and then I slowly started to drink tea instead of alcohol and went out to eat. Now I’ve eaten all I wanted and I’m dieting. There are a lot of movie promotions scheduled. I tend to gain weight when I rest. I don’t do it deliberately, it’s just that I like eating so much so I don’t regulate what I eat. Lately I’ve been drinking tea instead of alcohol and I’ve only been eating two or three meals a day. (LOL)

Meanwhile, the actor Ji Chang Wook has undergone a great change. How did such a change affect you?
To be honest, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to such changes. In any case there’s no difference in my life. I still meet the same old friends and life hasn’t changed dramatically in any way. But not long ago I met a friend I haven’t seen in a long time and he said he thought I would be a kid forever but I’m grown up now. I thought the same too but I was a little saddened by my friend’s words. Even as I get older I wanted to live in a child-like way.

In the past, you impulsively decided to go to Jeongdongjin, got in a car and fell asleep at a rest stop?
That’s right. It was midsummer. I slept at the rest stop then went to Busan.

You don’t have a lot of time these days so it would be hard to just leave like that.
Although I can rarely do it, I did go to Japan with my friends a few days ago. My friends and I felt a little stifled so we thought about how to change our moods and we left for Japan on a whim and came back yesterday. We went to onsens, ate delicious food and also went sightseeing. The fact that I have friends who can do that with me, who can take off with me like that, I’m thankful. Everyone has ups and downs. As an actor, there are times when I wonder whether I can do this well but there are also other times when I’m happy just because I’m acting. That loneliness you feel as an individual, I didn’t want to feel it again but it deepened over the yearend. That’s why I went to Thailand with my mom. It might be my last trip with my mom before I go into the army.

Was it a good thing you became an actor?
Definitely. There are still more painful moments but once I get through those moments, if I can get in sync with the other actors and stand on stage, I experience a moment of catharsis. Like an orgasm. If I just imagine that moment, I can overcome the pain from working hard through the night, working out and practicing hard for the project. The filming site is also a lot more comfortable now as compared to the past. When I was a newcomer, in order to concentrate on my role, I would stop seeing anyone from 2 days before I need to go to the filming site. The character I played in ‘My Two Perfect Sons’, ‘Mipoong’, is the opposite of my actual character. He’s feminine and liked knitting. In order to portray that character, I shut myself in my room and thought about if I was Mipoong, I would do this or that. Now I think it’s impossible to become the character in the project. It’s just that I have to pretend really well in order to make it seem like that person. Even if I’m not sad, I have to be more detailed in calculating how to make it look even sadder. Every moment that I’m acting has to be sincere and true.

How do you feel looking back on your twenties?
I lived intensely and worked really hard. When I turned thirty I wondered when I was able to rest completely during Christmas; how many times did I not spend my birthday on set; when was I able to stay at home through the yearend and not do anything but rest; I thought about it but there were not many.

You said you wanted to ride a Harley Davidson and travel before your twenties went by.
Actually it became my hobby to ride my bike. Although I did not do any big trips, I rode my bike in spring, early summer and autumn. I went to the outskirts of Seoul with my friends and also rode bikes when I travelled in Italy.

Even when you have no schedule and you can rest and not do anything, you still seem to be doing things.
Even if I look like I’m doing something I’m actually not doing anything. Though I ride my bike and meet my friends, when I meet them I don’t do anything and we just spend our time in the café.

Your time seems to be filled to the brim.
It’s probably because I did performances for the musical ‘The Days’ even when I was filming for ‘The K2’. During that time I also did a chimaek (t/n: chicken & beer) fan meeting at Han River. I wanted to do a fan meeting that wasn’t filled with performances or events and just spend time with my fans comfortably eating chimaek while watching the drama on a big screen. Thankfully I was able to do it this time. Actually it was a bit overboard to include ‘The Days’ in my schedule but it’s a musical that I have affection for. More than anything, I have great affection for the people involved. I’m thankful for the teams of ‘The K2’ and ‘The Days’ for being considerate towards my schedule. It’s actually quite a complicated feeling. I feel sorry, but also happy and blessed.

You’re going to the army this year. You might feel uneasy because it will be a big gap of time.
Wouldn’t it be more comfortable to go? I’ll be able to experience something new with these young friends. Of course there’ll be all kinds of people so there might be people who might pick on me over nothing as well. Even though there’s a big age difference, if anything, I think I will be able to experience more by watching them. For now, before I enlist, I want to do one more project that I can really enjoy and have fun.

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Ji Chang Wook (29), who is about to be called into military service next year, has been hailed by Korean media as "(the) expert in action acting" after completing the Korean drama 'The K2'.

Currently there are many male Korean actors who prefer to act in short romantic comedies that are in the 20-episode range as they feel that it's very tough to film action projects and longer TV dramas require more filming time as well.

However, Ji Chang Wook, who is in front of me, is different.

5 years ago, Ji Chang Wook exploded in popularity when he filmed the 159 episode daily drama 'Smile Donghae', and his performances in every project have left a deep impression on viewers. Ji Chang Wook has many "Mom fans" especially, perhaps due to him having acted in a daily drama.

This is my second time interviewing Ji Chang Wook. Through the interview this time, I discovered that compared to other young male actors, he really is more steady and he has matured even more. I'm really looking forward to his exciting performance in his next project!

Q: 'The K2' has been wrapped up. Please share your feelings on filming this TV drama.
JCW: Now that I've finished filming, I'm both happy and also reluctant (to part ways). The thing that makes me most reluctant is that I can't see the actors and crew that I've worked together with.

Q: I heard that your guarantee for acting in 'The K2' made history as the highest guarantee ever paid by TVN. Is that true?
JCW: Yes. When I heard that I was receiving the highest guarantee I felt immense pressure. Whenever the filming got really exhausting, I thought about this "highest guarantee" to encourage myself. I had no choice but to double my efforts. Haha.

Q: Then are you satisfied with your performance in 'The K2'?
JCW: Hm, I don't know how to say it. In regards to viewership ratings, I can't say that it reached my original expectations. But according to my manager, the rights for the drama were sold overseas and can be considered to have not made a loss; he told me I could relax and not worry. Haha.

Q: You had a lot of intimate scenes (kissing, mouth-to-mouth etc) with Yoona in 'The K2'. This was your first time working together, how did you cultivate your feelings? Were you embarrassed during the intimate scenes?
JCW: Not only was it the first time we were working together, our first scene together was also the "kiss scene" in Barcelona. We weren't close but we had to film a kiss scene, so it was a huge burden. That's why when we were filming in Barcelona, I took the initiative to talk to her, asked her to drink coffee, and even told her "Yoona! Let's become good friends quickly." After that, by the time we filmed the kissing scene, we didn't feel that embarrassed anymore.

Q: You acted in 'Warrior Baek Dong Soo and 'Healer'. It seems like you like the action genre especially. Is that right?
JCW: In the past when I was looking over projects, there were a lot of action dramas. But I really did not join any project just because it was an action drama. This time was the same as well. Although there were many action scenes in this drama I decided to join this project because I was drawn to the bodyguard character I acted as well as the political background storyline.

Q: You really had it tough filming 'The K2'. There were many action scenes in the drama and at the press conference you even said "This will be my last action drama." So what kind of dramas would you prefer? Why?
JCW: I feel like I did my best in 'The K2' and I can rest for a bit for now. But recently many people have been asking "If you receive a really good action script, will you do it again?" This question really troubles me.

If there's a really good (action) project after this, I might still try it.

Every time I did an action project, I would think to myself, "Why do I have to go through such hardship acting?" But whenever filming began, I would forget all of that and get completely absorbed into the project and felt excited over it. Action can be called every man's romance. Acting in action shows made me feel excited as well and I also wanted to film every single scene well.

Q: You frequently show your great body in your works, including 'The K2' (taking off his shirt in front of the camera, naked fighting in the shower). There are many male actors who show their skin in Korean dramas, perhaps to increase the viewership ratings. What are your thoughts on male actors having to do that to attract the audience?

JCW: I stripped completely in the drama, so why didn't that increase the viewership ratings for 'The K2'? Haha! After the broadcast the nude scene did in fact become a hot topic online. In the beginning when I looked at the script I was worried that the audience would be grossed out by the "shower naked fight". But when I saw it later on, it was filmed in a way that was better than I expected and the audience reacted well too.

Q: Which scene left the deepest impression on you in this drama?
JCW: It's the naked fighting scene in the shower. This scene took a whole 8 hours to film and this was also the very first scene filmed on the very first day, so naturally the impression was very deep. At that time I specifically asked the director to let me film that scene first. Because I was worried that as filming went along, if I ate something during our all-nighters it would be difficult to maintain a good figure. In the end, the director really let me film the naked shower scene on the very first day.

Q: How do you maintain your figure? What's the most difficult part?
JCW: If it's a scene where I have to show my body then it would be like when you're preparing for an exam. I would start dieting a few days before and also exercise like crazy. I usually like exercising anyway so it's not too difficult.

Q: You're now 30. Do you have a different attitude now with regards to your job?
JCW: There are no changes when it comes to acting, but from the viewpoint of a regular guy, it feels different now that I'm 30. When we were younger we probably all thought about "What would I do when I'm 30?" There's something special about being 30. A lot of people even say that men only start to grow when they're 30. It could be because I'm 30 that I decided to join 'The K2', because I wanted to show an image that was even more mature and manlier.

Q: You appeared on 'We Got Married' to show your support for your friend Choi Tae Joon. Have you ever considered joining the program and having a "fake marriage"?
JCW: I feel like my personality is not suitable for variety shows. To be on variety shows you have to be good at talking and be able to present a natural side of yourself. I'm not good at talking and I would be clueless without a script, so I would not consider going on this kind of variety shows. Actually, recently the production team for the MBC variety show 'I Live Alone' invited me to join the show but unfortunately, I live with my Mom so I can't do it even if I want to! Haha!

Q: Do you have a girlfriend now? What kind of girl do you like...?
JCW: I always want to date but I don't have a girlfriend right now. Whenever I meet a girl I have good feelings for, work gets busy and it turns into nothing. This kind of situation happens repeatedly and in the end it became difficult to date at all.

When I get a girlfriend or intimate scenes in a drama, I try to get fulfilment from that instead.

I like girls I can "get along with". For example, it's not difficult to find a girl who has double eyelids, is tall, looks beautiful etc. But to find a girl I can "get along with" is really not easy. That's why I want to find a girl like that.

Q: Not just in Korea but you also filmed a couple of Chinese dramas. Please share the difference in filming and the joys and hardships of filming.
JCW: In China, their filming method is "film first broadcast later", so the filming portion is not as intense/tight as in Korea. The actor, director and script writer has ample time to communicate and understand the artistic intentions of the project.

On the other hand, in Korea the filming is done effectively while under intense pressure, and that's the good thing. Before, I would watch movies and dramas co-produced by China and Korea or dramas co-produced by Japan and Korea. I guess that's because both sides are trying to utilise the best parts and balance out the cons.

Q: Are you preparing to enter the army soon?
JCW: I will probably get my letter at the end of February or beginning of March next year. At that time I should be able to confirm when exactly I'll be going in.

But I hope to be able to do a new project before I enter the military. Right now I already received some scripts so I will go over them carefully before I make a decision.

I'm too tired now so I don't want to do another action show. I would like to try acting in a romantic comedy.

Q: It's been quite a while since you were last in Singapore. Is there a chance of meeting your fans in Singapore? Is there anything you miss about Singapore?
JCW: It's been over a year I guess. Of course I really want to meet my fans in Singapore. Right now my company is planning the schedule for my international fan meetings, although I'm not sure of the details.

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[ENG/TRANS] 161206 WomanSense December Issue - The Chang Wook

Source: WomanSense

An actor who can find the perfect role for himself is a fortunate one. A well-cast role brings the whole drama alive. Ji Chang Wook is such an actor.

I first met Ji Chang Wook about 5 years ago. When he wrapped up his drama 'Smile Donghae', this was what he said to reporters in a voice filled with worries, "I don't know what kind of actor would be a good actor." He was troubled over how he should act in order to express his sincerity. Rather than trying to become the best, he just does his best and he has affection for all his projects. And he has proven his passion through his acting.

In the TVN drama 'The K2', Ji Chang Wook took on the role of 'Kim Jeha', a war mercenary turned bodyguard; hired by the presidential candidate's wife and protecting the girl who lives apart from the rest of the world. The bodyguard action was brilliant and portrayed his relationships with the girl, 'Go Anna' (Im Yoona), who could not be revealed to the world in a beautiful melo (love story), and the absolutely evil woman 'Choi Yoojin' (Song Yoon Ah), who was not afraid to take on the world for the sake of power and honour.

"As there were many action scenes as well as emotional scenes, it was very exhausting both physically and emotionally. But it was interesting and I had fun filming. The viewers also responded well so I gained strength from that. Although it has now become another one of the projects that has passed through my life, I think I was able to leave good memories."

More than anything the action scenes left a deep impression. It would not be an exaggeration to call it a "Ji Chang Wook action movie". In almost every scene from the first episode through the fourth episode, he was showing "back round side kicks". However, it was a little different from his previous works 'Healer' and 'Warrior Baek Dong Soo'. Due to the realistic action fighting, one could feel more. Ji Chang Wook was not careless with a single scene and did not spare his body while acting, thus allowing such highly perfect scenes to be created.

"There were many action scenes in 'Healer' which made it difficult as well. But this project had twice as many action scenes as that. Action carried a large weight (in this drama). The director and martial arts director did the drama 'Chuno', how could it be any less? (LOL) If the action in 'Healer' was more like a comic book, then in this drama, the action scenes were more realistic. Although 'Jeha' was a character that was very skilled in martial arts, I thought it would be better if his action scenes were not too flashy. For example, if I did a kick twice, only one would land well. Actually, the musical 'The Days' helped me with my action scenes. I played a presidential bodyguard and I had many discussions with the martial arts director and was thus able to increase the range of action."

For a male actor, the "flower of acting" (T/N: as in the most appealing thing in acting genres) has to be "action". Ji Chang Wook also agreed on that point. I asked him a straightforward question, "Why do you like action?"

"I don't like it. I really don't like it. (LOL) I do like sports but I didn't know that such extreme action would make such a big impact on my life. I was just doing it and it created this flow. I never said (to myself) things like 'I have to become an action actor' or 'I need to do action for my next project'. In fact, I said many times 'This will be my last action drama.' However, if the character is very attractive or if the costars who are appearing together in the action project are really good, then I would agonise over it. It's a difficult yet interesting genre after all. Also, action is a romance for guys. Now, it just seems like fate. (LOL)"

Ji Chang Wook started to share about the fun episodes while filming the action scenes. (T/N: left out description of the shower scene)

"Out of all my projects, this scene was the one where I showed the most skin. I was afraid that my body would be ruined if we filmed it later so I requested to film it early. For better or worse, we filmed it the very first day. It was a scene where I had to shoot almost completely naked and it was embarrassing to dive into a brawl with all these men who were also just wearing a piece of underwear. Even so, the scene that came out was cooler than I imagined so I have no regrets."

"In any case, I would usually be the type to have a lot of talks with the director and writers and give my opinion, but it was even more so with this project. If 'Jeha' didn't fit well then I'd ask for them to match it. If the action is too fancy, I'd request for them to take out the skills and focus on the emotions. If there was a really difficult action, I would change it to an action that I could do even better. Thankfully, all the the staff listened to my opinions well and I was able to relax and act."

To be honest, you can't separate the melo parts from Ji Chang Wook in 'K2'. His melo scenes with 'Anna' were as exciting as his action scenes. 'Jeha' was in love with the young woman who was unloved by her parents and locked away from the world. Ji Chang Wook who acted as such a 'Jeha'. I was curious about Ji Chang Wook's ideal woman in reality.

"Between a woman I have to protect and a woman I want to protect, I would choose the woman I want to protect. Although it's attractive when a woman like 'Anna' brings out the protective instincts, I like a woman who at times show a strong side and at other times show a weak side. The most important thing for me, when I look at a woman, is whether we can communicate. If she's a woman I can converse well with, if our humour chords match, and if she's able to be understanding about my job, then those are enough for me."

The kiss scene with 'Anna' with the setting sun as a background stimulated the dead love cells of reporters. It also garnered a hot response from viewers. It turned out that this scene with Yoona was filmed 3 days after they met.

"After shooting in Seoul for about a month, we went to Barcelona, Spain, for our location shooting. Up until then, I didn't have a scene where I had to work with Yoona and I only met her privately once so it was awkward. We arrived in Barcelona and the director said 'You guys have a kiss scene'. I was taken aback. From then on, I started to get close to Yoona quickly. (LOL)"

It was a kiss scene that made Ji Chang Wook and Im Yoona get closer but it was also a stepping stone towards building their chemistry with each other.

"Any actor would be taken aback if they had to do a kiss scene they were not aware of. Firstly, because we were not ready for it emotionally. For crying scenes you need to prepare for it emotionally as well but for a kiss scene or love scene, it's hard to be indifferent. There are also parts where the actor has to be considerate of the actress. There are all sorts of things to consider but they told us just before the shoot. I had no choice but to keep talking with Yoona and get closer. Come to think of it, Yoona and I got close because of the kiss scene. (LOL)"

Ji Chang Wook paused and laughed out loudly before sharing an anecdote about his close friends.

"My close friends asked me, 'Hey, how was the kiss scene, was it good?' Because I'm an actor, my friends are curious and find it amazing that I'm kissing the actress that they have a romance about (T/N: romantic ideal). I don't know. I can say that compared to any other scenes, kiss scenes are the most difficult. Which actor would say 'Today I'm here for my kiss scene?' (LOL) It's a job where I have to think about how to make the scene appear in a pretty and lovely way. A high level of concentration is necessary."

All this while, Ji Chang Wook has never taken a love scene that is more than a kiss scene. Ji Chang Wook does not have any connections with the traditional bed scenes you see in melodramas. He thought about it for awhile and shook his head. It seems like he doesn't have the confidence.

"I've imagined what it would be like if I had to shoot a bed scene. I don't think I can do it. I'm embarrassed just thinking about it. If the project has a bed scene in it, I think it wouldn't be easy to make a decision to join the project. But if there's a reason that the bed scene is absolutely necessary, if the flow of the show would be broken without that scene, then I would probably agonise over it. If it's a bed scene just for commercial reasons, then I wouldn't do it. Not yet."

The location shooting in Spain with Im Yoona was more relaxed than expected. It's different from a drama film set that's hurried. After one day of filming, he had three days of free time, so Ji Chang Wook went on bike travels with his close friend.

"It was relaxed considering the location. I rented a bike with a close hyung who came with me. We went around randomly without any knowledge of the place. I was able to relax and have fun because there was no one around that knew me. There were people gathered on a road that we were on by chance and I thought 'This must be a famous place'. It turned out to be a church built by Gaudi (T/N: Sagrada Familia). It was a trip we did without any prior preparation, with many such 'heading to the ground' moments. (LOL)"

He recently discovered the beauty of traveling. He plans to travel within the country at the end of the year.

"I couldn't travel a lot in the past. I started to travel recently and I've come to discover the happiness in having that time of relaxation. If I'm in Korea I'm thinking about work almost every day. When I go on travels, I'm able to not think about anything. Because it feels like I'm out of my daily life. The performances for the musical 'The Days' will be starting up in the provinces soon. On the rest days in between, I plan to go to the nice places in Korea. There are nice places domestically as well and not just overseas."

For Ji Chang Wook, the musical 'The Days' is an inseparable part of himself. Even while filming his drama, he matched his schedule and performed during its third run in Seoul. He will be going ahead with performances in the provinces this winter.

"I started practicing for 'The Days' since three years ago and rather than regrets, I'm left with even more affection. It goes beyond affection, (I have a) deep attachment (to it). At the time of the premier, it was a project that came about after a lot of hard work and preparation. To be able to stand on that stage and enjoy that time together with those people allowed me to develop an attachment that surpassed affection. Because I love it so much, I want to call it an attachment."

The reason for that attachment is clear. Ji Chang Wook said it's a work that he's thankful towards as he did it while going through a difficult time and 'The Days' also allows him to reflect back on his roots. Through 'The Days', he was able to grow in his acting skills as well as his own character.

"The projects stopped coming in after I completed the 2012 drama 'Five Fingers'. For an actor to have no drama offers, it was a time of crisis. It was a time where I couldn't find anything no matter where I looked. I was under a lot of stress when I was able to appear in 'The Days' and I also got to do two more musicals after that. It is a project that is like light and salt to me." (T/N: meaning necessities in his life)

The staff's loyalty also play a part. For the agency representative who held his hand through the difficult times, Ji Chang Wook will continue to push himself even when the going gets tough. He emphasised that the promises with the staff, loyalty and chemistry, are more important than the work becoming a commercial success.

"There was a time where every project was a success, like 'My Too Perfect Sons', 'Smile Donghae' and 'Warrior Baek Dong Soo'. After that, 'Bachelors' Vegetable Store' was not a success. Because of the busy filming schedule, it was very hard. When the viewer ratings were not good, with the other costars, we worried over it and that's when I came to a realisation. 'The viewership ratings are not dependent on just one person's hard work.' Even without good ratings, if we enjoyed the filming then we could still create good memories. All the projects are precious, but at the end of the day, they still become a thing of the past. The difference is in how they pass by. That was when I realised that the actors had to take a lead in creating a good atmosphere on the film site. "

Ji Chang Wook is now receiving attention as a star in Korea. He can boast of receiving the highest (acting) guarantee that even surpassed Jeon Doyeon. He's an actor that Korea can boast about, receiving love in China and attracting attention around the world.

"Compared to the past, I'm making a lot more now. There are times when I think it's too much compared to what I actually do. I'm thankful. But I never think that I'm not receiving as much as I'm giving. If I start thinking 'I'm not earning much compared to how hard I'm working' or 'This is not a good job', then the quality of life will drop. Even though more people are coming to see me as I become more popular, nothing has changed on that front."

Ji Chang Wook is an intelligent actor with a clear belief in acting. Although it was a short meeting, that was the deep impression he left.

Source: WomanSense

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[ENG/TRANS] 161202 JLOOK December Interview – TO BE A REAL MAN

Source: JLOOK
Translation: @teappani/twitter

Ji Chang Wook entered the studio with light steps, carrying an iced Americano. His slim body and wide shoulders captivate the eyes. In response to being told that his body got even better than before, he laughed saying, "I worked out a lot, that's why." For 3 months he had to continuously work out and watch his diet for the drama, unable to relax due to the high difficulty action scenes in the drama. There's no hint of laziness to be seen from his body.

Ji Chang Wook got ready for the shoot after he greeted the staff with joyful high fives. After a while, a guest with a gentle impression came to the studio with a dog. "This is my Mom. Our house is right in front so I asked her to come when she's walking the dog." As his Mother was leaving the studio, Ji Chang Wook turned to face her, waved both hands and said, "Bye Mom!" in an affectionate voice.

When the shoot began, the image of the son who has a lot of aegyo (T/N: cute charm) also went home with his Mom. Ji Chang Wook understood the concept of the shoot, which was inspired by Matt Damon's Bourne series, and showed many poses. Here's the conversation I had with Ji Chang Wook, a unique actor who has shown terrific growth year after year.

JLOOK: I heard that your last shooting for the drama was yesterday. How do you feel?
JCW: The shooting ended at 4am in the early morning today. I didn't really feel it when the shooting ended but it felt more real after I woke up in the morning. Today I didn't have to put on any bloody makeup or feel any pressure from the script so I felt more carefree.

JLOOK: This drama had an awful lot of action. Wasn't it difficult physically?
JCW: It was really difficult. From Episode 1 through Episode 16, I don't think there was a day when I didn't have to put on makeup for sweat, wounds, or blood. For Episodes 15 and 16, I was constantly covered in sweat and blood and looked like I was about to die. In that sense, it was a project that I had to really push myself.

JLOOK: How did you endure it?
JCW: Sense of responsibility and pride; sense of burden. These feelings enabled me to keep moving forward. When it was really exhausting and I thought about just doing it roughly, my pride didn't allow me to do that. I also had the responsibility of being the lead so I would clench my teeth and persevere through it. I also felt a sense of burden because of the salary I received as well as the hardship the staff went through. I was able to endure it all because of a mixture of such feelings I think.

JLOOK: Did you get injured?
JCW: No. I was really nervous about not getting hurt. Actually for the dangerous shoots the tension was very high, so it was less likely to get hurt. (T/N: meaning everyone was more likely to be alert) Unexpectedly, it's when shooting scenes that were more ordinary that injuries were more likely to occur.

JLOOK: The action scene in the shower where you're fighting naked, 13 vs 1, became a hot issue.
JCW: It was a new experience. Actually, when I saw the script, I couldn't envision how it would be filmed. It's difficult to make a naked fight scene in the shower come out in a cool manner after all. I was full of doubt as we did the shooting for about 8 hours but the footage came out in a cool and interesting way. It's different.

JLOOK: When you got the role did you worry it would be a similar genre and role to 'Healer'?
JCW: It could be possible to think that both dramas are similar, so I also worried a lot over it in the beginning. But in 'Healer' the character Junghoo was more boyish and manhwa-like (T/N: like a boy out of comic books) compared to Jeha, who was more realistic and manly. So I worried a lot over things like hair, make up and outfits.

JLOOK: Besides 'Empress Ki', you have chosen works that have a lot of action portions in them, such as 'Whirlwind Girl 2', the film 'Fabricated City' and of course now 'The K2'. Is it because of a fatal attraction towards the action genre?
JCW: To be honest, I didn't think that it would be an action drama. I chose this project because I thought the relationships between the characters would be interesting. I didn't know that the action portion would be so huge. That's why I do feel some regrets about some parts but I had fun filming it.

JLOOK: Now, compared to anyone else, you must feel confident about acting in the action genre.
JCW: No matter what, I've become accustomed to the action genre and also gotten the knack of it. I do wonder if I can do even better compared to now if I do action again. But for the time being, rather than action, I would like to try other kinds of acting. I still have a lot I'm curious about. I want to try many different genres.

JLOOK: Since you acted as the younger brother In Ha who was jealous of his older brother in 'Five Fingers', actor Ji Chang Wook has been different from the rest. You also left an impression when you played the role of Tahwan in 'Empress Ki' whose character changed as people sowed discord. It almost seems like you shine even more when portraying characters who are flawed.
JCW: Actually, I like stories about people who have flaws. Of course, I also have flaws so when I first look at a character I look out for their flaws or complex. Honestly it's not so interesting to show what the character is good at. What is this person not good at; what complex caused this person to become like that; that's where I start from.

JLOOK: Ji Chang Wook also has a complex?
JCW: Not any morbid complex, but just parts of myself that I find lacking. For example, when I compare myself with other actors and find myself lacking in some aspects. But I try to not let the complex worsen by thinking that I have something else. Otherwise I would be too tired and sensitive. I just have to be better at other parts in order to hide those complexes. I'm also thinking carefully over what is something that's my own and unique to me.

JLOOK: What kind of actor are you at the film site?
JCW: I make a lot of jokes. It's because the place I feel most comfortable at is the film site but also because filming itself is really exhausting so I also do that to brighten up the atmosphere at the site. "If I have fun filming, the staff will be more relaxed too." Because I have thoughts like that I try to make the film site more fun.

JLOOK: When you're leaving your favourite film site or when you're saying goodbye to a certain project, how do you prepare to say goodbye?
JCW: The emptiness I feel when leaving the site is as large as the passion I felt when I was in it. In the past I would drink. I didn't know how to do it. At that time, once the project was over, I felt like a person who didn't have anything. When I woke up in the mornings I didn't have scripts to look over. Even when I went to work I didn't see the people I wanted to see, so that was really confusing and made me feel lost. That's why now, I'll start thinking about what I want to do before the project ends. This time, I'm thinking of getting comic books and creating a small space in my house like a comic book store. I really love comic books. I also want to learn how to sing properly and also start working out again.

JLOOK: Does your hobby of reading comic books help your work in acting?
JCW: Anyone would laugh if they heard this but honestly, I get a lot of inspiration from comic books. As I read I can imagine and when I see the drawings, such as the expressions on the characters' faces, I really get inspired.

JLOOK: We can see motorbikes on your SNS
JCW: It's been over a year since I started riding motorbikes. I was obsessed with soccer because I needed to relieve stress but as work increased and as I got older, it became harder physically. I thought about what I could do besides soccer and that was riding bikes. I have a Vespa scooter and a Moto Guzzi bike and I go for rides often to get fresh air (T/N: relieve stress).

JLOOK: Have you ever gone on travels on a bike?
JCW: My friends and I rented bikes when we travelled in Italy and when we were filming in Spain (for The K2), I rented a small scooter and roamed around everywhere in Barcelona.

JLOOK: For some reason it feels like you're in love. It must be your facial expression (T/N: meaning he looks that happy). Is it because through the drama you could experience a deep love?
JCW: I'm really glad when a melo scene appears while filming. I have a lot of ideas and together with my costar we'll discuss a lot about how the scenes should appear. Since I can't date in real life, it's really fun to imagine it and express it through dramas. If my face looks like I'm in love it's because I'm actually in a really good mood today. I'm so happy that the drama filming is over!

JLOOK: You've had incredible growth as an actor over the last few years. You're now at the top level in terms of (salary) guarantees and you're also incredibly popular in China. What's your driving force?
JCW: There have been times when I just wanted to give up on everything and every time that happens, the thing that keeps me going and helps me to not give up would be different each time. Sometimes it would be my pride, sometimes it would be my Mom who is alone at home and sometimes it would be the thought of my friends experiencing difficult times at work; these help to get my head back in the game. I'm thankful that there have always been these reasons that kept me from giving up when I wanted to.

JLOOK: Though you have a lot now, as you rise to a more respected position in the future, what would you like to do?
JCW: There's nothing in particular that I want to do now but basically, I don't want to do things that I don't want to do. When I get there (T/N: in that position), I want to live happily and freely doing the things I want to do. Although I think I already live freely enough right now, even so, a little bit more than this.

Source: JLOOK
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[ENG/TRANS] 161124 An in-depth look behind Ji Chang Wook’s handsome appearance - Interview

Although he is a Hallyu star with countless fans from Greater China, he's not conscious of being a star. He laughed, "My longtime friends just ignore me." He also revealed an anecdote that happened while filming TVN "The K2".

"A while ago my friend from high school came down to the set. But it was raining that day. My manager gave me an umbrella and when my friend saw that he was taken aback. He left saying 'Ya~ give me an umbrella too. Seeing you here, you look cool.' (LOL) When my friends are around (I also) fool around a lot.

This charming man has surprisingly remarkable acting skills. Ji Chang Wook took on the lead role of a war mercenary turned special body guard Kim Jeha in "The K2". Even though there were many intense action scenes, they were no problem for him. Action scenes aside, he also (t/n: showed his understanding/assimilation of the role well) brilliantly portrayed the emotional scenes with Song YoonAh and Yoona (SNSD).

"I think this project made me seem a little manlier than my previous works. I also tried to be more relaxed (with my acting). I feel I was also more in tune with my colleagues, seniors, juniors and other actors."

He always gives an honest answer with frankness. It made us wonder about such a man. Rather than the man (we see) from his projects, it made me really curious about the person 'Ji Chang Wook'.

And so I asked. About the road that he has walked on thus far.
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Source: Kukmin Ilbo
Translation: @teappani(twitter) | locofruitcake